Tobermory Ontario

Welcome to Tobermory

Bruce Peninsula Tobermory offers visitors fresh, clean air, gorgeous scenery, tranquil waters, and the darkest sky's in southern Ontario. Tobermory is almost surrounded by water - Lake Huron on one side and Georgian Bay on the other. It is a naturalist haven, having 2 national parks - Fathom Five National Marine Park and the Bruce Peninsula National Park - close by.

Tobermory is renown for its natural setting, it is a photographers paradise. There are miles of forest - with tall pines and cedars. The majestic cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment carve its way into Tobermory along the Georgian Bay coast - there is nothing more breath-taking than standing on a rock outcropping - towering 200' above the sea green waters of Georgian Bay! 

Tobermory boasts the highest concentration of native orchids in North America - take a hike along the trails, and you may be lucky enough to spot a rare Calypso Orchid - or a gorgeous Showy Ladies Slipper Orchid. The cliff faces in the Bruce Peninsula National Park contains some of Eastern North America's oldest living trees - the "cliff dwelling" white cedar. Tobermory is the epicenter of the Unesco Biosphere Designation.

 Flowerpot Island is located 6.5 kilometers northwest of Tobermory, and can only be accessed by boat. Flowerpot Island the destination of several of our tour boats. 

 It is well worth a visit if time allows. Two hours is sufficient for a quick walk around the Island, but three to four hours is required if you want to see it all. 


Parking In Tobermory
Tobermory Parking Map

Parking in

A Paid Parking Program is in effect in Tobermory from May 15 to October 15 each year.

Parking rates: $3.00 per hour or $15.00 per day for Municipal parking lots and on-street parking.

The Parking By-law restricts the number of residential parking passes issued to two (2) per home owner, cottage owner or year round renter at no cost. Specific rules are applicable.

A resident parking pass is designed to offer access to Municipal parking lots and other on-street parking spaces in Tobermory. The pass is only an exemption from paying the parking fee, all other provisions of the Parking By-law apply. Resident parking passes are valid until notifed otherwise, you do not need to renew the pass yearly.

Residents who do not have parking passes from a previous year or have a license plate change can pick up their resident pass at the Municipal Office. Residents will be required to provide identification and vehicle ownership to acquire parking passes.

If you require more than two (2) parking passes, additional resident passes can be purchased for a fee of $50.00 per season.

Non-resident parking passes are also available at a fee of $100 per season.

Please view our map outlining parking limits and Pay and Display locations.

Month by month guide to the Bruce Peninsula

December, January, February & March is winter on the Bruce Peninsula

After the holiday's winter sets in and the ice begins to form along the shoreline of the Bruce Peninsula making for some amazing shoreline vistas. The snow has started to collect on the trails in the national and provincial parks, we truly are a Winter Wonderland.


The Bruce Peninsula is a fantastic place in the winter. Miles of fresh snow awaits hikers, snowshoers, cross country skiers, snowmobilers & ATV riders. There are plenty of accommodations open in winter, as well as a few local restaurants & the Tobermory Brewing Company. Many shops do close for the winter, and our villages are very quiet. Most visitors in winter come up for the quiet of the area. The waters surrounding the Bruce freeze in the winter, and the waves & currents push ice onto the shore - building huge ice mountains that are breath-taking to view and open a new world to explore. 

April, May & June is spring on the Bruce Peninsula

The snow is melting and the temperature is climbing as the sun warms the land and the waters of the Bruce Peninsula. The birds are migrating back to their northern home, the wildflowers are breaking ground, spring has arrived. What are - you doing?


As the first wildflowers and ferns reach for the warm sun the Alvars and forests come to life, Trilliums, Lakeside Daisy, Wood lily, and Orchids, Indian Paint Brushes and Columbines are abundant, growing along the sides of roads in huge numbers. Spring is also low season for cottage rentals, most offer 3 day weekends. Access to all we have to offer is great this time of year and spring weather is amazing on the Bruce  Peninsula. The trails are clearing of snow and the tour boats are running without the crowds that come with summer vacation. What are you waiting for?

Summer is the season for outdoor adventures.

Summer on the Bruce Peninsula is fun for your entire family and friends, with hiking the Bruce Trail, fishing, camping, boat tours to Flowerpot Island & sunset cruises, sandy beaches for swimming, Helicopter tours, shopping, restaurants, biking, Kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and boating around the many islands of Fathom Five National Marine Park. The weather is perfect on the Bruce Peninsula there are fun and challenging events and family festivals during the spring and summer on the Bruce. Come, relax and rejuvenate your soul, get away from work and city life!


Summer - the kids are out of school pack up the family and head north to the Bruce Peninsula we are all about getting outdoors spending time with the family, friends and being close to nature. Summer means hiking, camping, kayaking or canoeing, fishing & diving, boating, ATV riding, biking, beaching, swimming, golfing, really there is no end to what you can do while visiting the Bruce Peninsula - we really do have it all!

September, October, November - fall on the Bruce Peninsula

Septemeber can be the most temperate time on the Bruce, the water is at its warmest, the crowds have gone back to the grind of life, school and home, which means you'll have all the activities we have to offer mostly to yourselves and fall is approaching which is an experience of color unto itself.


September like late spring is warm and quiet, the kids are back in school and the many summer visitors are back to work. This is the time to visit if you can make the escape from the city and work. The weather is beautiful, the water is at its warmest for the year, and fall is just around the corner. October brings a world of color as the foliage begins to change. Hiking the Niagara Escarpments Bruce Trail and one of the boat tours will give you the best vantage points to see the colors of fall against the towering limestone cliffs on the peninsula. The famous Pumpkin Toss & tractor races are also in October and that is a sight to be seen. Thanksgiving in November is time to get the family together one more time before the holidays of December & the snow begins to fall. Winter is near November is the last chance to get everyone out one more time before you need to get the winter gear on.