Shipwrecks Of Fathom Five

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Photo and info from Parks Canada

Except for the white, numbered areas shown on the map, diving is prohibited in the Tobermory harbours. Visitors are asked to respect the rights of private property and adjacent landowners.

Extreme care should be taken at all times, since considerable vessel traffic may be encountered. All divers must be within 30 metres or 100 feet of a displayed dive flag.

Tour boats do enter the Big Tub shipwreck area. Divers MUST follow the special operational policies for this site.

Controlled Access Schedule - Big Tub Harbour Shipwrecks

From the last Friday in June to the end of Labour Day (first Monday in September) inclusive:

Registered Divers Permitted:

Daily 4:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Plus Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

1. Sweepstakes - schooner

Built: Burlington, Ontario 1867
Length: 36.3 metres (119 feet)
Depth: maximum depth 7 metres (20 feet)

This two-masted schooner was damaged off Cove Island and then towed to Big Tub Harbour where it sank in September 1885. The hull of the vessel is still intact with the windlass and a portion of the bow rail still in place. For both conservation and safety reasons no

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Fathom Five National Marine Park - Diving 

Rules & Park Regulations

Diving Tours & Equipment: Divers Den

Tours Boat Operators: Blue Heron Cruises, Bruce Anchor Cruises, Tobermory Cruise Line,  Tobermory Wave Adventures

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