Sauble Dunes Nature Reserve

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Sauble Dunes, Ontario Nature’s spectacular addition to the nature reserve system, protects an exceptional 51 hectares of forested sand dunes and wetlands. The reserve is located inland from the eastern shore of Lake Huron on the Bruce Peninsula, falling entirely within the Sauble Falls North Life Science Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI) that encompasses 764 hectares between Sauble Falls and Oliphant in Amabel Township. This provincially significant ANSI is one of the best remaining examples of beach ridges, sand plains, sand dunes and swales in the region. The 168-hectare Chief’s Point Wetland, a provincially significant coastal wetland complex, extends onto the reserve and is made up of seven individual wetlands comprised of fen, marsh and swamp.

Sauble Dunes Nature Reserve was donated to Ontario Nature in memory of James and Eva Hetherington, and Ernest and Catharine Lewington. Thanks to the generosity of everyone who supported our fundraising campaign, we were able to set up an endowment fund to ensure that this natural treasure will be protected forever.

While the unique habitats found on this reserve offer extraordinary opportunities for nature viewing, the dune ecosystems are extremely vulnerable to erosion from trampling. As there is currently no trail system in place, we would appreciate it if Ontario Nature members and supporters allow us to make a management plan and create a trail that avoids sensitive plants, animals and ecosystems before visiting this property. For more information please contact Ontario Nature.

This is for INFORMATION only. There is no trail system in the park. 

Sauble Beach