Lion's Head Provincial Park

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This park has become a very popular park to visit. The beautiful vista and rock formations a simply spectacular. This park is part of the Niagara Escarpment Parks System and the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve. The Bruce Trail passes through here. There are no visitor facilities. The purpose of this 526-hectare nature reserve is to protect the rock formation and the plants unique to the area. The area is best suited for hiking and nature appreciation. Visitors are asked to remember that the natural features are vulnerable and easily damaged.

Please take note that this is NOT a serviced park. There are no facilities. It is rugged and can be dangerous. The trails are uneven, there are many crevasses (cracks) where people and pets can fall into. It is a must to wear proper footwear in this park. This area, like other areas of the peninsula does have rattle snakes.  Make sure to wear hiking boots, bring a light jacket and water. If you are bringing a child - make sure they are old enough to hike for a few hours if you intend on reaching some of the popular vistas. Baby strollers or other wheeled vehicles are not recommended.  Also know that there are NO garbage cans on the trails. Be prepared to take your garbage out with you. Please do not leave any garbage in the park. This includes diapers, cups, paper plates. TAKE EVERYTHING OUT WITH YOU. This is nature at it's finest and at its most rugged. It is your's to discover, but please take care of our park. Do Not Litter.  Please do not ever have a fire and or BBQ in this park unless for emergency reasons. Fires are not legal, and if you have a fire or a BBQ you can face a fine from the Fire Department.  Parking is also very limited in this area. ONLY park in designated areas. You will get ticketed if you do not park in a designated area. Do not park in the hospital parking lots. Do not park at the local school, or the local stores. 

This area of the Niagara Escarpment is well-known for its rock formation that from a distance resembles the profile of a lion. Some 400 million years old, these Cabot Head, Amabel, and Guelph formations of bedrock are exposed in the cliff face. Glacial outwash and eroded potholes lie on top of the escarpment, while mounds of rock debris overgrown with vegetation, lie along the bottom. The cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment, including those at Lion’s Head, support one of the most ancient and least disturbed forest ecosystems in North America. Of particular interest are the ancient white cedars found along the cliff’s edge. The park is also known for the presence of both nationally and provincially rare plant species.

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