Tobermory & The Visitors center Free & Paid Parking Information

Paid parking has come to Tobermory to help pay for required visitor infrastructure upgrades and development. Due to the increase in visitors over the past yours Tobermory has found the need to charge for parking and limit the time in the areas within town to help with visitor flow throughout the day from May 15th to October 15th, if the funding goal is reached earlier it may end on September 15th as it did in 2018.

Short term fee is $3 per 2 hours in designated areas within the Village of Tobermory.

A longterm daily fee of  $15 dollars is available in the outer areas of the village.

Cruise boats have free parking for their clients, check with the various ticket booths for the lots available.

Peacocks Foodland has free short term parking behind the store.

Leeside restaurant has free parking behind the restaurant.

Crowsnest has free parking behind the restaurant.

There is also free parking on the outskirts of town, see the map and legend below.


Tobermory Paid Parking Map

Tobermory Paid Parking Map