Birding on the Bruce Peninsula

Birds and Birdwatching on the Bruce Peninsula

The Bruce Peninsula is a great place to watch birds.You can see Bald Eagles soar majestically along the cliffs, or see hummingbirds flitter their way from flower to flower. The Bruce Peninsula is located on a major northern migration route, so many species of birds can be found here. Also, birds such as the Bald Eagle have their wintering grounds here.

Most birds do not like to fly over water, thus they will follow the land up the Niagara Escarpment to Tobermory, then follow the islands through Manitoulin Island.. and beyond. Most birds also travel at night, so it is a perfect opportunity during the day to spot them resting.

The highest concentration of nesting birds can be found in the Bruce Peninsula in May and June each year. These include the Blackthroated, Parula,Yellow-rumped, and the Green warblers. They find their summer homes in the wooded areas along Lake Huron.


  • Watch Hawks migrate over Tobermory in spring
  • View Red-knecked Grebes in Dyer's Bay in April
  • Visit Isaac Lake Wetland - see Virginia Rails
  • Visit The Annual Huron Fringefest Birding Festival in May

Why The Bruce Peninsula

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