Cyprus Lake Campground

The Grotto, Indian Cove and Cypress Lake

Thousands of years of waves pounding the shores of Indian Cove have carved a spectacular cave at the Grotto, which is accessible to visitors if you don't mind the climb in and out. Swimming in Indian Cove is so very refreshing on a hot summer day

During the summer months, parking to access these sites fill to capacity regularly, resulting in visitors being denied access. Consider planning your visit during non-peak hours or in the spring and fall. There are several other destinations and activities to explore when the parking lots are full.

The hike to the Grotto takes roughly 30 minutes along the 1 km Georgian Bay Trail or 50 minutes from Parking Lot 2. Although the trail to the shoreline is hard packed, the shoreline itself is rugged uneven limestone, while the decent into the grotto involves climbing down 40ft over a rocky open cliff.


Cypress Lake has 232 drive-in campsites in three campgrounds: Birches, Poplars and Tamarack. The campgrounds front onto Cyprus Lake. Each campsite has picnic tables and a fire pit with grill. Potable water taps, cold water sinks and basic washroom facilities are located throughout the campground. There are no serviced sites or shower facilities in the campground. Showers are available at private businesses near the park.

From Cyprus Lake, it is a 15km drive to the town of Tobermory.

The campground is popular and often fills during July and August or on holiday weekends. People who arrive without reservations during the busy summer season, may be disappointed to find the campground full.

Reservations are strongly recommended

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