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Lion's Head, Bruce Peninsula is a peaceful port village, located on the shores of Isthmus bay. Surrounded by beautiful limestone cliffs which, when viewed from Georgian Bay, resemble the head of a lion, giving Lion's Head it's name. Lion's Head is also located at the 45th parallel - exactly halfway between the equator and the north pole.

One visit to Lion’s Head and you will want to make it a regular stop while visiting the Bruce Peninsula. When locals and visitors are asked to describe Lion’s Head, they typically pause and say “you can’t…it‘s a feeling“. There is a sense of serenity like you have just come home. The scenery is nothing less than stunning. The limestone cliffs rise from the turquoise Caribbean- coloured waters, and at sunrise and sunset, they have an amazing “pink” aura, due to the sun’s reflection.

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Remember those days when a vacation was just that, a time to relax? There is no better place to do that than in Lion’s Head.

One of the “must-dos” is the Bruce Trail. You can park at Moore St, see the Indian Potholes and continue your hike. Be sure to stop at the Lion’s Head Lookout and prepare to have your breath taken away. The sheer height and sweeping vista is unbelievable. If you are looking for a shorter hike, park at the beach and walk along the boardwalk to the Marina, and hang a left or a right. If you go right, stop and have a photo op in front of the lighthouse, skip a rock, and have a look through the mechanical binoculars on the observation deck. Can you see a Lion’s Head in the cliff face? You know that that is where we get our name . If you cannot see the “face” - that’s okay… some of the locals don’t know where it is either. If you go left, follow the Bruce Trail and check out the caves. Loop around and you will end up back on Main Street where you can get a bite to eat or tour the shops.

Beach Bum?

Build a sand castle, spread a blanket out on the grass, watch the spectacular water craft, or just hunt for crayfish. None of this is hard work.


Lion’s Head is a designated Dark Sky community. The stars are so bright and plentiful you think you can touch them. See how many falling stars you can count, and don’t forget to make a wish. On Friday and Saturday nights (July and August) be sure to take in Bayside Astronomy. Take a closer look through the telescopes, local astronomers explain the wonders of the night sky.

Music and the Arts?
There are several artist studios in the area showcasing some extraordinary talents. Depending when you are visiting, you may be able to take in the art show or a studio tour. Ask around or check out the schedule of events. During July and August be sure to take in HarbourSide Music. It is a series of free concerts held on Friday nights down on the grassy area near the beach. Thursday and Saturday nights there are also jam sessions. Times and locations vary so ask around. A must-do as well is the Farmer’s Market held at the beach Saturday mornings from Victoria Day weekend to Thanksgiving.

We aren’t just a pretty face either. Lion’s Head is small but mighty. We offer almost every amenity you could want: grocery store, hardware, bank, LCBO/beer store, hospital, pharmacy, garage ,chiropractor, dentist, restaurants and some great shopping. There is accommodation to suit everyone as well…campgrounds, B&Bs, motel and cottage rentals.

Come visit us sometime, and don’t be shocked if strangers say “Hi!“. That is just what we do. There are many other events happening throughout the year, so be sure to check out the Schedule of Events.


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