Black Bear on the Bruce

Black bears are beautiful creatures. They are typically shy, and avoid human contact. Unfortunately - bears love human food ad garbage, and become less shy when they become accustomed to eating our garbage and carelessly stored food. These "denaturalized" bears can become a serious problem.

When camping on the Bruce Peninsula , ensure you store your food in your vehicle. If you are at a remote site, cache your food away from your site, or use a bear-proof container. Remember coolers and tents are not bear-proof. Pack out your garbage in sealed plastic bags. Never eat or keep food in your tent.

When travelling in bear country, hikers are reminded of the following:

  • Most black bears will leave before you are even aware of them.
  • Make noise on the Trail - sing or talk loudly or carry a noisemaker.
  • Use extra caution when travelling near water or into strong winds as the bear may not hear you approach.
  • Use caution near natural bear foods such as berries, nut crops and fish.
  • Stay away from any dead animals you find along the Trail. Bears defend carcasses.
  • Watch for bear signs such as tracks, scat (bear droppings), fresh diggings and large overturned rocks.


Be Black Bearwise

Download Black bears in Southern Ontario brochure (PDF)