Support The Bruce Trail... Buy Your Maps To Hike the Bruce Trail.

The Bruce Maps are a fantastic tool to navigate around the Bruce Peninsula Bruce Trail Systems. Please click here for information on how and where to purchase your map. There are campsite available within the Bruce Peninsula National Park. You must reserve your backcountry campsites and pay a small fee for camping to the National Park. If you are packbacking - ensure that you are in good shape - the rocky terrain can make this journey treacherous and it can be slippery in wet weather! Campfires are not permitted and all drinking water must be treated. You must camp on the provided tent platforms because this is an ecologically sensitive area. Wear good hiking boots and watch for the Massasauga, a venomous rattlesnake that inhabits this area. There are also bears in this area so you must hang your food. Please visit for more information on camping within the Bruce Peninsula National Park.

There are several guided hikes available throughout the spring & fall . Visit Peninsula Bruce Trail Club for further information.

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